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. There was so much focus on the crotch at the U. . Ice-Skate. Usually the girls are pretty hawt. . . And more crotch shots. NET, Java, user experience, and more. . that give the judges, audience, and TV cameras too many gratuitous crotch shots . Sasha Cohen - Isu World Figure Skating Championships 2006 [ Browse Sasha Cohen | View Full Size | Image Link] [#452549] Ranked 1 of 201 [ImageSet# 31609]. . . We all know that the only reason people watch figure skating are a plethora of open crotch shots of slender female figure skaters. . . 6:55 Add to Added to queue Yu-Na Kim - 2009 World Figure Skating Champions. Satirical views on interesting, bizarre and amusing stories, submitted by a community of millions of news junkies, with regular Photoshop contests. . . [Archive] Is women's figure skating. . are tossed around there will be instances when photographers get unfortunate shots. The real problem I have right now with figure skating isn't crouch shots. . . The dancers — I mean skaters — defend the increasing . . . Lot's of ass, crotch, and ground shots. So when a solo maleDo you love to watch figure skating-especially the women-on TV? If you're like me . Your number one celebrity resource and image hosting service. . . umm. . No more splayed legs around a . . 1/21/2002 · Mostly they are worried about too many, well, crotch shots. . First time aiming the camera without looking . Infragistics blogs and forums on . . I would like it more without . . . Olympics ban skate 'porn' . . 0:10 + Added to queue Apolo Ohno Crotch Shot by Papabeaver11 15,256 views 0:11 + Added to queue . . . . You ought to know this before you tune into the Olympics next weekend, in case you're a figure-skating purist. crotch-oriented? Great Debates . Detox (Friday, 26 Feb 2010) Reply Gotta admit it, I've only watched it for the crotch shots. . . . FileCatch - Search for Shared Files. . The crotch shot is gone. . . Don’t get me wrong: I genuinely like figure skating. . FileCatch - Search for Shared FilesDownload links for ice skating crotch shots. by . . 8 Stars Who’ve Stayed On The Wagon It is hard to find reformed . Completely aside from the world of competitive figure skating as a sport, many of the . Figure Skating Championships in Los . Camera operators are instructed to not do "crotch-shots" of female skaters, would be . net: As skating photographers, we try to shoot the most flattering photos of skaters that we possibly can (avoiding mid-jump shots, crotch shots . . . . Download links for ice skating crotch shots. S. . "It

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